(4) S1E4 The Case for Christian Nonviolence: Logic and Intuition

Intuition tells most people that nonviolence is often a bad decision in the face of evil...doesn't it? This episode explores evidence that our deep intuitions exhibited in the face of real evil and violence aren't the same as our armchair intuitions. We also explore how empirical evidence bears out the fact that God's way of nonviolence actually proves itself more effective in societal transformation and healing. And to wrap it all up, we take a look at the notion of a "Just War" and examine whether it has coherence, and whether or not it is more idealistic than a position of nonviolence. *See show notes for an addendum

*I have learned a lot about David Grossman since recording this episode. While I don't know that his character necessarily compromises any of the information presented here, I would avoid using him as a resource in the future as that could prove difficult for some to accept. The information in this episode doesn't particularly concern me as I've seen much of the evidence presented from other sources. That being said, you may want to do more research on Grossman and more looking into the information. A fun podcast to listen to about him can be found below, though you should be warned that the language is pretty explicit. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/behind-the-bastards/id1373812661?i=1000476406446
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(4) S1E4 The Case for Christian Nonviolence: Logic and Intuition
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