(23) S1E23The Case for Christian Nonviolence: Conclusion

This episode concludes our look at the case for Christian nonviolence. I recap the main points as well as some of the main rebuttals and counterrebuttals. This is a great episode to refresh your memory as to all we've talked about, or, if you're new, a great episode you can use to preview the podcast and erect a framework from which to listen.
I strongly recommend checking out the "City of Refuge" podcast. I think the story encompasses all I've talked about so far. You can see how Christians justify killing Christians, how the teachings of Christ compel over force, how God's hand orchestrates miraculous salvation through seemingly pointless suffering and death of those who implement faithful obedience, how evil so often stems from consequentialist ethics, etc. It really all comes out in this story. If you want to just have a list of all the episode titles at hand, then sit down and listen to the podcast and check off how you see each of the items explored in the series. It's fantastic.

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(23) S1E23The Case for Christian Nonviolence: Conclusion
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