(97) S6E5 Means and Ends: A Church Father, a Progressive Minority, and a Conservative Calvinist Walk into a Bar...

"Means are the ends in the process of becoming." We explore in this episode the idea that the ends are concomitant with the means. You can't grow apples on a pear tree. The seeds you plant produce the fruit you will harvest. We look at theologians from three very different places on the spectrum of Christianity to make this case for nonviolence. You can't get the ends of peace through the means of violence. Note: Today is the birth day of Martin Luther King Jr., so this episode which speaks about him was purposefully released today in honor of him. Thanks, Dr. King, for helping to advance this argument, but even more importantly, for your willingness to lay down your life in love, which was, and always will be the best argument out there for nonviolence.

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