(86) S1E26 Veteran's Day - The Horror of War

Since today is Veteran's Day (and the armistice of WWI - the war to end all wars), I will take a look at the horror of war. Here I don't mean the atrocities of gruesome violence, but rather the horror which Solomon recognized so long ago, which is that all things we do to seek pleasure and control are ultimately vain. War is no exception. This episode explores the horror of war in its vanity - its futile attempt to control the world, and the wake of corpses, both literal and metaphorical, which it leaves trailing behind it. Today I want to honor veterans not by propping up the glorious facade of war, but by unmasking it for what it is. My hope is that when darkness is brought to light, it allows a true, deep honoring of veterans, and the beginning of healing.

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