(49) SE7: Facing Another Virus

In this episode I explore some personal experiences with racism and political idolatry inside the church. I discuss how the same pitfalls which made my community vulnerable to misassessing or pre-judging COVID-19 (and all the other issues discussed in season 2) are the same ones we see come up in regard to race issues and politics.

Mark Noll is an Evangelical Historian who I have found to be very insightful during this time in my life. He is a heartbroken Evangelical (as can be seen in his [in]famous book "The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind"), meaning he considers himself an Evangelical, but is introspective and honest enough to recognize our glaring problems. That is exactly how I feel at the moment, and I appreciate those who, like Noll, can honestly point out our past and our present and call us to address our problems. Noll has many books which you may find helpful on this topic, but I found the two books below to be helpful in understanding why the Evangelical church has so many problems with race, why the government took over the church's role (and why we let it), why we are political idolaters, and so much more.  

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